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Global Strategic Positioning
Actionable Intelligence
LKN Global provides clients with actionable intelligence about their competitors, enabling them to develop smarter market strategies. Before defining or assessing your product, performing competitive analysis enables you to understand the working factors in your targeted market. You need an objective view of your product’s advantages and weaknesses. You should be able to identify opportunities and threats that may impact your business in the short or long term.

Market Entry
Every international market has its own requirements and nuances. LKN Global assists clients with their business development effort between the US and foreign markets as well as between any foreign markets. We assess the global market opportunities and position market-entry solutions for a successful and profitable global penetration. Learn more

Cross-cultural Challenges
To address the challenges associated with language and culture that ultimately arise during global market entry, LKN Global provides cross-cultural communications training and assessment in several languages including English, Spanish, German and French. Designing curriculum for customized training is supported by many years of experience at several universities as well as corporate training programs. Learn more


Business development never
stops, but is an ongoing process.

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