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LKN Global has realized the importance of developing women leaders for companies that embrace and understand the importance of diversity. Corporations have realized that diversity at all levels of the organization makes good business sense and will impact their bottom line positively.

For this reason, it has created the “Elite Leaders’ Management Mentorship Program”. It is designed to provide opportunities for women to develop, pursue, refine, and enhance their leadership and business skills to create more opportunities for themselves in the international business world. The Elite Leaders’ Management Mentorship Program is intended to propel potential women leaders’ success in the global business world down a path of accelerated achievement.

Women will have the opportunity to participate in one of 2 areas of the Elite Leaders’ Management Mentorship Program:

  • A one-on-one mentorship for professional and accelerated development and achievement
  • An opportunity for selection to participate in real live internships

The internships are designed to offer a real world business professional development. The participant will learn from the best and will have the opportunity to learn how to take a business to its next level internationally or domestically.

Who is Lilia Navarrete?

Learn from one of the most well-respected women and global leaders in international business. LKN Global’s CEO and founder, Lilia Navarrete, has the background and experience comparable to few other women in the business world today. Navarrete is a visionary who has built the company from the ground up bringing in a global perspective to all areas of the corporation. By identifying leading trends in the global marketplace and their impact on business, she has helped companies use innovation to enter new markets, with which businesses have reaped the benefits of added revenues and market share.

Global Organizations around the world have invited her to speak and participate at conferences and global summits. These conferences and summits include the APEC Ministerial Meeting in Peru, the Global Women’s Summit in Chile, the TIAW Global Summit and others.

Navarrete is a listener and has a passion for seeing others succeed. In her roles, she supports and realizes opportunities for women worldwide. She has created this program to assist emerging women leaders in the field. Her fervent enthusiasm toward the participants in Elite Leadership & Management Mentorship Program is relentless.

  • As CEO and President of LKN Global and mentor of Elite Leadership & Management Mentorship Program, she has developed her mentees to be grade A business individuals even in the most challenging of economic times.
  • As President and Chairman of the Board, Navarrete has taken OWIT to the next level of membership and participation in the international business arena.
  • Being a Pepperdine University professor, she has not only imparted curriculum but mentored business students to excel in their international business passions.


"I quickly learned that holding an IMBA degree in my hand was not enough without the guidance of Lilia. The best way to expand my wings into the international business world was through her one-on-one mentoring program. Lilia Navarrete thrust me down a road that enabled me to perfect my international business skills. As President and CEO of LKN, she personally gave me her time to shape me into a trusted international business employee." Collette Simko, Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management MBA Graduate and current participant of LKN Global's Elite Leaders' Management Mentorship Program


Business development never
stops, but is an ongoing process.

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