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What is LKN Global? (top)

LKN Global Enterprises Inc., is a business to business (B2B) consulting firm assisting companies of all sizes succeed in penetrating global markets. LKN Global is a California corporation positioned to answer your business inquiries, design your business strategies, and target your potential markets.

At LKN Global, we realize that to enter global markets successfully, sensitivity to cultural differences is required as it relates to introducing products and services as well as intricacies related to consumer behavior across cultures.

Whether you are launching a new business, positioning a business for fast growth, or penetrating a new international market, you can count on LKN Global to deliver results. With diverse backgrounds in the private and public sectors, the consultancy facilitates business relationships across industries and borders.

How LKN Global works? (top)

LKN Global provides added value through personalized approach. LKN Global will tailor your market entry strategy based on the region of the world that you are trying to penetrate. LKN Global's strategic consulting services are designed to take business through the entire business pipeline and all its commercialization phases.

From the initial business strategy, through the specific marketing plan, to the creation of sales lead generation identifying potential prospects in international markets, LKN Global will ensure your vision is tied to your ROI. LKN Global has formed strong ties with government agencies as well as corporate entities to help our customers identify business opportunities in leading industries.

How is LKN Global's leadership unique in assisting a business flourish? (top)

LKN Global's leadership is known for being able to interact successfully with all levels of an organization and to earn the trust and respect of its executives at the highest level. The consultancy has worked with APEC, TFOC, CIDA, and the ITC of the World Bank to bring delegations to attend workshops and trade briefings.

LKN Global's entrepreneurial style is about identifying a new way to do business. This includes our ability to challenge the traditional things that have been done and find new ways to work that are innovative, better, more efficient, and more effective. We leverage past successes and add fresh perspectives to your new business opportunity by applying creative approaches to the market that create leading edge strategies. We are entrepreneurs who think outside the box, inspire others, and help create a forward thinking culture that serves our clients to improve their businesses. LKN Global prides itself on our clients challenges and pride ourselves on creating actionable plans.

Partners (top)

Worldwide Partners: LKN Global works with partners worldwide who specialize in their fields to provide you the client with the best possible solution in the market.

LKN Global has formed alliances worldwide with a broad range of partners to provide a more complete solution to your project. Our partners are from the logistics, marketing, public relations and communications industries. We have also partnered with media companies to provide you with the most up to date information on diverse parts of the world.

Technology (top)

Cutting Edge Technology: Technology is at the center of LKN Global’s innovative results to empower clients.

LKN Global works within the environment of cutting edge technology to create results with more efficiency and ensure our clients are ahead of their competitors. LKN Global uses top level software for analysis and assessment as well as technology to communicate with clients worldwide and provide efficient and effective recommendations through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), online surveys, virtual conferences (webinars), and e-marketing.

Why does your company need to know what your competitor is doing? (top)

A business strategy will create the grand design within your organization. It will delineate potential growth, profit strategies, and emphasizes the significance of the environments affecting your company. Creating value for your customers and stakeholders will help you realize how to best express how your company decides your value proposition.

Your company can achieve better market positioning by learning your competitor's vulnerabilities, anticipating their initiatives, and proactively responding to them. LKN Global will evaluate the business feasibility of your idea, whether it is a new line of products or a new business with targeted market intelligence and an understanding of the market structure.

What types of companies does LKN Global work with? (top)

We work with SME's as well as multi-national corporations across all industries.

A Brief History of LKN Global (top)

LKN Global's CEO, Lilia Navarrete, has been assisting firms in all sectors for over 20 years. She founded LKN Global Enterprises in 2006 in the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California. LKN Global offers its clients dedicated focus for Latin America through its division, Latin Knowledge Network, and practical seminars, workshops and executive coaching and training through its LKN Global Executive Institute.

About the Founder (top)

The founder of LKN Global Enterprises is Lilia Navarrete, MBA. Her main vision is dedicated to empowering LKN Global's clients to create a future of sustainable success by addressing their challenges and assisting them in securing a successful position within the global marketplace.

LKN Global's CEO, Lilia Navarrete draws on 20 years of experience identifying leading trends in the global marketplace and their impact on business to help companies use innovation to create new markets. She is the Chairman of the Board of the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT). OWIT is the only global business association dedicated to helping women and men excel in international trade.

During her career, Ms. Navarrete's leadership skills have enabled her to contribute to the management and growth of several organizations involved in international business and trade. In addition to background in international transportation in the U.S. and abroad, her expertise in cross-cultural communication in media advertising and on-site studies worldwide has also contributed to her understanding of the global consumer.

Ms. Navarrete holds an international MBA in Finance and Marketing from Loyola Marymount University together with an undergraduate degree in International Business Management and Economics from CS University Los Angeles. Studies in Multi-Media validate her passion for e-commerce and virtual trade. Ms. Navarrete is an adjunct professor at the Graziadio School of Business & Management at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Ms. Navarrete currently resides in Pasadena, California with her husband and two children.

Company Philosophy and Mission Statement (top)

   Shared Vision
+ Entrepreneurial Leadership
+ International Expertise
+ Client Empowerment
= Ongoing and sustainable success for all.

Vision: LKN Global is dedicated to empowering our clients to create a future of sustainable success.

Mission:  LKN Global's goal is to position companies with a purpose for their exponential growth. We want to enable all companies to have the opportunity to exist in their best form by tapping all necessary resources.
To accomplish our mission, we produce the highest quality results by anticipating trends and opportunities.

Our Values: We value excellence, integrity, success, and the differing capabilities of all employees in every company. We hold ourselves accountable to our clients and partners in providing results of the highest quality. We are committed to being reliable for our client's and partner's success.

As an organization, we appreciate client feedback and inquiries. We will also provide our clients with feedback regularly and evaluate our project's progress continually.

LKN Global acts in ways that are consistent with high ethical standards both personally and professionally. Our integrity is solid. We are honest, keep our promises, and demonstrate our commitment to ethical values in all of our work.

"The more you find out about the world, the more opportunities there are to laugh at it "- Bill Nye  (or as Lilia Navarrete says 'the more opportunities there are to help businesses improve themselves').

The expansion of LKN Global (top)

LKN Global is expanding its services by establishing a new division, Latin Knowledge Network, dedicated to the Latin American market including Hispanic U.S.

How can I contact LKN Global? (top)

Email with your inquiry.


Business development never
stops, but is an ongoing process.

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