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Market Communication

Globalization has changed the world in which we live and conduct ourselves. Businesses must consider an international perspective regardless of their industry or target market. Technological advances have made it so communication for international business can be instant. To be successful in the business world today knowledge and understanding of cultural differences is necessary.

Latin Knowledge Network integrates this knowledge and understanding to assist you with marketing and media plans to communicate effectively with your target market.

Latin Knowledge Network also provides instruction on cross cultural communication and the different mannerisms in which business is conducted between Canada, the USA, and the Latin American countries through LKN’s Executive Institute.
  • We organize cross cultural events to foster business networking amongst Latin American executives from public and private sectors
  • We provide seminars and workshops to all who wish to gain more knowledge and understanding of the international world. We offer short-term seminars as well as longer term management training and workshops in customized formats for managers and executives.
  • LKN Global provides the highest quality program design and training tailored to your needs. Our programs are offered in English, Spanish, French and bilingual formats.
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