Spanish for business professionals
Dynamic, fun and effective training in Spanish for executives to be able to communicate to the largest and fastest growing market in the U.S. Personal one-on-one classes with a focus on speaking tend to produce higher levels of achievement that will lead you to more quickly and effectively learn to "speak" and function in Spanish. Sessions are developed with a focus on client needs and will provide the tools necessary to communicate successfully.

English for business professionals
For international business professionals working in the U.S., LKN Global Executive Institute provides dynamic, fun and effective training in English for executives to be able to communicate more effectively at all levels. English for Professionals is designed for international business people who wish to learn more about American business practices, improve understanding of management behavior in an intercultural setting; improve basic communication skills; and develop skills in the reading of business-related magazines, newspapers and journals.

LKN Global Executive Institute assists you in increasing your vocabulary, acquire proper American English pronunciation to be understood 100% of the time as well as learning idiomatic expressions that you can use and you can understand when others use them.

Sessions designed for you to learn to communicate successfully

  • Incorporate industry specific vocabulary
  • Discussions on commercial topics
  • Role play in business situations

Why is LKN Global Institute's In-Language Training unique and what is your ROI?

  • Over 20 years of corporate training in major industries in U.S. and Latin America
  • Delivers corporate language skills required of today’s business leaders
  • Tailored instruction to fit your individual needs and focus
  • Greatly motivating and practical instruction
  • Provides assessment of learning gains with actionable feedback

LKN Global Executive Institute provides you with flexible class structures:å˙

  • Flexible hours
  • On-site instruction at your business
  • Classes once or twice weekly
  • Intensive full day instruction available